The Health Care Assistant Program was Rolled out as a pilot scheme in August of 2022, 1 year later, and thanks to all of the hard work from our senior management team and the staff of MargaretHolme, the scheme has become a huge success and is of great benefit to the residents of MargaretHolme. The health care assistants are now a permanent fixture of Margaretholme.

Our HCAs
Our fantastic team of HCAs consists of the cream of the crop from various parts of the world.

  • Amanda O’Reardon: Amanda is a native of Ringsend and has been an employee of DCM since 2013 Amanda is an all-rounder and can fit into any role required but has excelled as a HCA and leads the team.
  • Nathalie Flores: Nathalie has been here since the start of the program in august and comes from the very exotic country of Costa Rica.
  • Martyna Bartosiak: Martyna joined the team very soon after it started and comes from Plock in the beautiful country of Poland.
  • Cian Lee: Cian lives in Sunny Lucan and is a new addition to the Team. Cian is in the process of sitting a major award in health care.
  • Keity Gomes: Keity is another new addition to the team but has worked for DCM for a while now, Sometimes you may find Keity working in the Kitchen, Keity is from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil.
  • Ingrid Leite: Ingrid is brand new to DCM and is fitting in with the team perfectly, Ingrid is from Ilheus, Bahia in Brazil.

Finally we have our Nurse Dierdre Hargaden, Dierdre is a wealth of knowledge and comes to us with a vast amount of experience. Dierdre has made a huge impression on our residents since arriving in Margaretholme.

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