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News and Views from our Communities

News and Views from our Communities

Message from the CEO
(Video courtesy of Community Foundation Ireland)

Community Foundation Ireland
Place based giving (Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Case study)

Interview: Bella Bolger
Resident, Ailt An Óir

Interview: John Moore
Resident, Margaretholme

Focus on Ailt an Óir

Focus on Mount Tabor

Focus on Margaretholme

DCM Better Together

Amanda O’ Reardon – HCA Team Leader (Margaretholme)

DCM Inspirations

DCM Heritage

The Discipline of Slowing

The Gift of Solitude

The Easy Yoke

Treasure in hidden places

What is your Desire

The Greatest Certainty

Computers and the Internet

Growing Roots

Look after the Inside

The Discipline of Celebration