Management Team

Suzanne Corcoran

Chief Executive Officer

Radek Warchola

Head of People

Karena O’ Sullivan

Director of Finance

Miriam Farrell

Operations Manager

Gillian Scott

Director of Nursing (Mount Tabor)

Meadhbh Bloomer

Assistant Director of Nursing (Mount Tabor)

Paul Lee

Independent Living Manager (Margaretholme, Ailt An Óir)

Michael Jones

Pastoral Care

Amanda Purcell

Head of Housekeeping (Mount Tabor)

Amanda O’ Reardon

HCA Team Leader (Margaretholme)

Dinah Panit

HCA Team Leader (Ailt An Óir)

Ciaran MacHale

Head Chef (Mount Tabor)

AKM Maruf

Head Chef (Ailt An Óir)

Richard Hill

Maintenance Manager

Pilar Taylor

Centre Manager, Community Projects

Board Members

Laurence Graham

Board Member

Ann Marie O’Grady

Board Member

John Kingston

Board Member

Stuart Ferguson

Board Member

Ian Moore

Board Member

Tony O’Connor

Board Member

Trevor Holmes

Board Member

Robert Wolfe

Board Member

Niamh Carruthers

Board Member

Angela Lyons

Board Member

Ian Johnston

Board Member